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If our society would learn to value old age as much as we maintain a healthy lifestyle, ageing process would not
be a problem. The nervous system, our body’s complex component should be taken proper care of if we must maintain good health and strong immunity to diseases.
Bounty Herbal Tea helps in the removal of matters stored up in the body. If these harmful matters/waste products are allowed to accumulate in the body, health deteriorates , leading to various diseases.

Our unique herbal products helps to optimize the ability for sexual performance and overall masculine vitality.
Active Ingredients:
* Tetrapleura tetrapetra: anti-oxidant, anticonvulsant agent and dietary supplement.
* Achornea cordifolia: a medicinal plant known for its ability to treat genital-urinary problems, venereal diseases, cough & bronchitis, female sterility, diarrhea, etc.
* Pteridium aquilinum: known for its ability to prevent as well as reverse the immunotoxic effects induced by
acidic foods.
* Invigorates: Serves as appetizer
* Detoxifies: It helps to detoxify the colon. Removes accumulated waste matters in the body.
* Increases oxygen content of the blood thereby ensuring better blood circulation and suitable for slowing down ageing process.
100% natural ingredients with no side effects.
Guaranteed purity, potency and consistency.

Adult: Put 2 tea bags in a tea cup 250ml of hot water and allow to infuse properly. Take 2 times daily.
Children (12 years and above): Put 1 tea bag in a tea cup. Take 2 takes daily.

5 reviews for BOUNTY HERBAL TEA

  1. James Cee (verified owner)

    Well packaged
    Fast delivery
    Excellent product.
    Thanks to you people

  2. Evelyn Chukwu (verified owner)

    This is a nice product. It works.

  3. Stephen Anyatonwu (verified owner)

    Bounty help improve my appetite. Thanks, Libracin

  4. Ebere

    Bounty Herbal Tea is an amazing product one can rely on.

  5. Chinedu C. Anukam (verified owner)

    Bounty Herbal Tea best appetizer supplement for all ages

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