Over five years of infertility case in the family of Mr/Mrs. Ifeanyi Ifenatura Ogechukwu was erased and the wife is pregnant after using Libracin Herbal Medicine.
Mr/Mrs. Ifeanyi Ifenatura Ogechukwu
By Gods grace Issues of HIV and Staphylococcus surrounding the infertility case of Mr. /Mrs. Alabi were solved using Libracin Herbal Medicine. Mrs. Alabi is pregnant. Praise be to God.
Mr. /Mrs. Alabi
Partial Stroke was cured using Libracin Herbal Medicine in the life of Mr. Samuel’s mother. Glory be to God.
Mr. Samuel’s mother
Five years of infertility case in the family of Mrs. Ogechi was solved by using Libracin Herbal Medicine.
Mrs. Ogechi
Mr & Mrs Onah Joy married over 3 years no child, God use Libracin Natural Medicine to wipe her tears, she is now 5 months pregnant.
Mr & Mrs Onah Joy
Mr & Mrs Onyeka Amechi (DeiDei). They have being in so many hospitals for treatment of staphylococcus for many years, the Almighty God still used Libracin Natural Medicine to cure it. Now she is 3 months pregnant.
Mr & Mrs Onyeka Amechi (DeiDei)
Surrounding with fibroid 5cm and hormonal imbalance. God used Mrs. Sophia is married over 8 years no issue to show for it, Libracin drug to keep fire burning. She is now 3 months pregnant.
Mrs. Sophia
Mrs. Linda Frank, the challenge is ovarian cyst. Couple with PID and candidacies, the Hormone was affected she cannot conceive over 5 years of marriage. Somebody directed her to Libracin Kubwa Abuja, she was taken care off. Again God used the company she is 5 months pregnant.
Mrs. Linda Frank
Mr & Mrs. Oji Chidi married over 6 years, no issue no sign of getting pregnant. But God used the Libracin drug on her now the wife is 4 months pregnant.
Mr & Mrs. Oji Chidi
Mrs. Dickson Martha, her challenge is Fibroid 4.5cm, she married over 6 year no issue. Her friend whose name is Toyin brought her to my office in Kubwa. God did it again, Fibroid was cured using Libracin drug, and she is now 6 weeks pregnant.
Mrs. Dickson Martha