1]. Over five years of infertility case in the family of Mr/Mrs. Ifeanyi Ifenatura Ogechukwu was erased and the wife is pregnant after using Libracin Herbal Medicine.

2]. By Gods grace Issues of HIV and Staphylococcus surrounding the infertility case of  Mr. /Mrs. Alabi were solved using Libracin Herbal Medicine. Mrs. Alabi is pregnant. Praise be to God.

3]. Partial Stroke was cured using Libracin Herbal Medicine in the life of Mr. Samuel’s mother. Glory be to God.

4]. Five years of infertility case in the family of Mrs. Ogechi was solved by using Libracin Herbal Medicine.

5]. Mr & Mrs Onah Joy married over 3 years no child, God use Libracin Natural Medicine to wipe her tears, she is now 5 months pregnant.


6]. Mr & Mrs Onyeka Amechi (DeiDei).
They have being in so many hospitals for treatment of staphylococcus for many years, the Almighty God still used Libracin Natural Medicine to cure it. Now she is 3 months pregnant.


7]. Surrounding with fibroid 5cm and hormonal imbalance.
God used Mrs. Sophia is married over 8 years no issue to show for it, Libracin drug to keep fire burning. She is now 3 months pregnant.


8]. Mrs. Linda Frank, the challenge is ovarian cyst. Couple with PID and candidacies, the Hormone was affected she cannot conceive over 5 years of marriage. Somebody directed her to Libracin Kubwa Abuja, she was taken care off. Again God used the company she is 5 months pregnant.


9]. Mr & Mrs. Oji Chidi married over 6 years, no issue no sign of getting pregnant. But God used the Libracin drug on her now the wife is 4 months pregnant.


10]. Mrs. Dickson Martha, her challenge is Fibroid 4.5cm, she married over 6 year no issue. Her friend whose name is Toyin brought her to my office in Kubwa. God did it again, Fibroid was cured using Libracin drug, and she is now 6 weeks pregnant.


11]. Mr. Kabir (AIG) has suffers for these illness is over 21 years but God used Libracin drug to cure him.

12].  Mr. Egesi Andre has been treating pile for long taken different kinds of drugs, somebody directed him to Kubwa office to the glory of God Pile was dissolved using Libracin drug.
13]. Mrs. Chinasa, Olokoro testifies on how she was booked for a fibroid operation last year and someone directed her to Libracin office in Umuahia where she went to buy drug to subside the flow till the day of the operation proper, and after taken Libracin drug the flow dried up and she’s completely made whole, no more trace of fibroid or an operation.

14]. Staphylococcus was erased in the life of Mr. /Mrs. Iruoma Ubakala in three (3) months after taken Libracin medicine.

15]. Mr. /Mrs. Nkemakolam, testifies on how they listened to jingle and they decided to give Libracin medicine a trial and the infection that has lasted for years was cured within a month.

16]. Mr. and Mrs. Churchill Ndukwe from P.H. having gone to many hospital, later came to our branch and after taking our medication for three months, was diagnosed to be pregnant. Praise God.

17].  Mr. Chike from Aba, after visited many hospitals for boils on his private part with no solution, but once he tried Libracin Herbal alternative he got well.

18]. Divine mercy and family went to many hospitals for illness without solution later they came to us and bought some drugs prescribed for the illness, after taking those drugs, they got healed.

19]. Mrs. Rose with three children have gone to many hospitals to find the cause & cure of the illness but no result found. After taking our medicine, they were confirmed okay.

20]. Mr & Mrs Enemaku From Benue State:
The husband had low sperm counts and infection. The wife had no menstruation and ovulation for 18 months of marriage. But after treatment, the wife took-in in December,2015 and Sept 10th,2016 delivered a bouncing baby boy. 

21]. Mr & Mrs‎ Ene:
The husband was having low sexual urge, low sperm count. The wife was having irregular menstrual flow and for three years of marriage no conception. This affected their relationship as married couples that it was on the verge of collapse.  Infact, the wife was about serving the divorce notice to the husband before coming to our clinic.

I (Dr. Emeka) invited the husband and after cross examination I informed that it is his conjugal duty to satisfy the wife. But after medication, God answered their prayers. Not only did God restore their marriage, she was able to take in and delivered a baby girl in October 2016. 

22]. Mr & Mrs Martins:
Both were experiencing infertility cases and of eight years of barrenness after using Libracin medications for few months and when they came for confirmatory test on May 7th, 2016 and expect her menses on 10th of May,2016 she was already pregnant. To the Glory of God, she is still 29 weeks pregnant.

23]. Mr & Mrs Michael and Ngozi Ebe, Five years of barrenness terminated after tried Libracin Herbal Alternatives.

Pregnancy Testimony only. The list below shows the names of Patients that suffered from infertility due to Fibroid:

1.    Mrs. Dickson Martha – Over 3 years of marriage and had fibroid with measurement of 4cm
2.    Mrs. Florence Ofoni  – Over 2 years of marriage and had fibroid with measurement of 6.3cm
3.    Mrs. Alabi  – Over 7 years of marriage and had fibroid with measurement of 3.4cm

4.    Mrs. Gladys Uche – Over 3 years of marriage and had fibroid with measurement of 6.1cm
5.    Mrs. Juliet  – Over 4 years of marriage

6.    Mrs. Sophia – Over 2 years and 8 months of marriage

The list below shows the names of Patients that suffered from infertility due to Bacteria infection and Hormonal Imbalance:

7.    Mrs. Joy Onah – Over 2 years of marriage

8.    Mrs. Onyeka Amechi – Over 5 years of marriage (lack of ovulation).

9.    Mrs. Chidi Orji – Over 3 years and 6 months (menstrual problem & infection).

10. Mrs. Linda Frank – 2 years of marriage.

11. Mrs. Ogechi – Over 4 years of marriage (lack of ovulation)

12. Mrs. Margret (my formal PRO) – Over 2 years of marriage.

13. Mrs. Amaka Nwagbo – 4 years of marriage (menstrual problem)

14. Mrs. Ndukwe Favour – 2 years of marriage(ovulation not active)


Note – These Patients are those that returned to share their testimonies. We thank God for using the Company Libracin Natural Medicine. All glory belongs to God.

*One Mr. Ajubade came to our shop and testified that the wife (Mrs. Comfort Ajubade) got pregnant after taking Libracin medicine prescribed for her.

*Mr. Nathaniel Chinedu came on 19th November, 2016 after running body check up and bought some medicine, testified that the wife after taking treatment got pregnant, to God be the Glory.

*One Mrs. Aisha Aluya testified that after taking treatment, Ulcer and Pile that have been tormenting her for years disappeared

*Mrs. Pauline Uka was having Ovarian Cyst but after taking some medicines prescribed for her, she came and testified that she is free from Ovarian Cyst and she is now looking very fresh of which people are telling her about it. Now she is sensing she is pregnant.

We have recorded series of startling testimonies using Libracin Herbal Alternatives.

The following names are Patients who testifies the effectiveness of Libracin Herbal Alternatives within the range of 4 months of medication.

1.Uloma Ahukanna – Infertility cured.  Conceived and put to bed a bouncing baby boy.

2.Nnenna Ekeh – Cured of Infertility. Put to bed a bouncing baby girl on 9th December 2016.

3.Amaka Chigozie Reuben – Cured of Infertility. Put to bed a bouncing Baby girl.

4.Mrs Ogechi Nwanabu-Put to bed a bouncing baby boy after drinking Libracin Herbal Alternatives.

5.Vivian Onyekwere – Had Conception after taking libracin herbal Alternatives.

6.Mr. Samuel Akpadiobi – Cured of Diabetes

7.Mrs. Victoria Iherionwu – Cured of high Cholesterol.

8.Ngozi Uba – Cured of menstrual disorder.

9. Joy Okemiri – Cured of menstrual  ceasure.

10. Amaka Korie – Cured of menstrual ceasure.

11.       Onyeneke Amarachi – Cured of chronic gastrointestinal disorder.

12.       Chidi Emedi – Cured of Hepatitis

I had menstrual problem and Gonorrhea for 11years which affected my conception but after taking your drugs, the menstrual problem and Gonorrhea disappeared--Mrs. Uchechi Okon

I had Parkinson disease that stopped me from schooling in Uniport but was healed of it through your drugs--Mr. Kingsley Ogbuagu
Mrs. John after having lab test in hospital, doctor told her that she was having hormonal imbalance, later she reported to Libracin shop with the lab result and was placed on libracin herbal alternatives, after five months she got pregnant and delivered a baby girl.

Mr. Solomon Peter Akpan was suffering from poor erection and diabetes for 7years; he came to know about libracin on 2nd October 2014 through the advert from jungle. He bought libracin drugs and when he came back for checkup he testified he can perform very well with his wife and he is now urinating normal. 
Mrs. Helen Aniekan was suffering from fibroid which she said she was to be operated with the sum of N300,000 in the hospital but she make a step of faith to Libracin shop. Now she is fibroid free.

One Mrs. Lucky Akoko was suffering from Elephantiasis for 10years. She could not stand on her feet nor walk until she came to know libracin Natural medicine. She started taking libracin drugs usually sent to her in her house for about 4 months. 

Mrs. Ese Rekewye who has been suffering from heavy growth of fibroid was healed after taking libracin drugs for four weeks.

A patient complained of having miscarriage for four consecutive times but after taking Libracin drugs she conceived and the pregnancy is almost 8 months now.