Branch Manager

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Job Details of the Branch Manager

The Branch Manager (BM) will serve as the executive staff of the company at branch level. He will be the first, and sometimes only, person whom the public shall meet. He is the person in charge of the branch. A successful BM must be both an excellent communicator and strong administrator cum marketer. He also must comfortably interact with individuals of all professional levels. The BM shall report to the GM.

Duties of the Branch Manager:

  • Comporting him/herself in a corporate manner.
  • Maintaining the goodwill of the company.
  • Liaise with the General Manager for effective synergy.
  • Greeting and welcoming of customers and clients.
  • Canvassing for new clients.
  • Ensuring effectiveness of outreach and prospecting.
  • Keep current knowledge of market trends.
  • Informing the General Manager of any problem that may arise in the course of discharging his duties.
  • To do efficient stock taking.
  • To safeguard the assets of the company under his control.
  • To ensure that all sales made are deposited in the bank.
  • To make sure that his office is in good condition
  • To do any other clerical work that may be assigned to him by the General Manager.